is designed by
KG Jonsson-Finne at Interactive Design, Stockholm, Sweden.
KG has designed web systems since 1994.
InterbookTM is a booking program on the web for booking objects like cars, airplanes, conferens rooms, sports facilities etc. It can also be used for a public personal time-table like work planning for consultants, mechanics and craftsmen.
This version of Interbook replaces the version from 1999 that has been used by sports- and flying clubs all over Sweden. It has an improved use of intuitive bar scale presentation of each booking.
The site admin of Interbook can easily handle user accounts, booking objects, messages etc. Our price policy a flat rate for your use within 100 bookable objects and 500 users.
Our service Site admin functions User functions
  • Hosting
  • Backup every night
  • Software updates
  • Flat rate
  • Set up and edit user accounts
  • Set up and edit booking objects
  • Access to log and report files
  • Publish information messages
  • View and make bookings
  • List own bookings
  • Edit and delete own bookings
  • Update own account and password
If you have questions or suggestions about other functions,
please e-mail KG at
If you are interrested to use Interbook in your organisation,
please e-mail